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“But I don’t have time to write a blog…”

We can understand why some people think that writing a blog is a low priority, but when we explain the value of content marketing and how it generates leads, is great for your SEO, and builds brand awareness, the conversation changes dramatically. Take for instance the last time you made a purchase – did you read read a review or visit a piece of content about the product before you made your purchase decision? Chances are you did. Your blog is a platform to build your business, and more than ever Google is rewarding sites that produce fresh engaging content with better search rankings. 

We know how valuable a solid content strategy is to building your business.

Content Marketing

Why content is a top priority

Creating content should be at the core of your business not only because it is a cost effective way to generate brand awareness, customer engagement and generate leads but it because it builds trust.

“Good content marketing builds trust. And if someone trusts you, they are more likely to buy your products and services and more likely to tell their friends and family.” – Neil Patel

Content marketing can help your business by:

  1. Driving leads
  2. Increasing backlinks to improve SEO
  3. Guiding the customer on their purchase journey
  4. Building a relationship with your customers
  5. Educating your audience
  6. Increasing brand awareness
  7. Building trust

Become a thought leader in your industry

PR Marketing

PR focused marketing is an incredibly cost effective way of acquiring leads. Industry experts suggest that if done right: every pound you spend on PR marketing can bring you £38 in return. It is one of the best ways for small business to generate leads and brand awareness

To run a successful campaign you need to create a lead magnet to gather email addresses (usually a valuable piece of content) and then push this content out online in as many ways as you can.

Local online news specialists like Locally.News, as well as posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and emailing your clients and prospects are all great ways to share your content. Ideally you should have an attractive offer at the end of the sequence and a clear call to action to convert your warm lead.

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