Pot Kettle Black

Think Mad were asked to help on a project to revamp Pot Kettle Black’s online presence, aiming to encapsulate their vibrant cafe atmosphere and diverse offerings. Their previous website did not match their brand vision. It was tired, and outdated, having been built over 5 years ago with very little done to it. Having considered a number of Web Design Agencies in Manchester they chose us. Our commitment to always going the extra mile on all our projects and evidence of the high quality of our work was one of the deciding factors for choosing us


Previously, Pot Kettle Black’s digital presence didn’t fully capture the essence of their brand – a warm, inviting venue known for quality brunch, brews, bakes, and booze – and Coffee!. The task was to create a website that not only reflected the brand’s ethos but also made navigation and information access seamless for users. They needed support with the intergration of their new brand vision. New Logos, New Colours, and New content were required.


Think Mad approached this by designing a user-friendly website with a warm color scheme, intuitive navigation, and content that vividly portrayed Pot Kettle Black’s offerings. The team integrated features to highlight key services like venue hire and the bakehouse, incorporated customer reviews to build trust, and ensured the site mirrored the inviting ambiance of the physical venues. Our aim was to ensure that the user experience across all devices, from laptop to mobile, was considered and delivered to the very highest stands.
Web design mockup of Pot Kettle Black website


The redesigned website resulted in a more engaging and immersive user experience, reflecting the lively and friendly atmosphere of Pot Kettle Black. Positive feedback from customers and stakeholders alike underscored the site’s success in showcasing the brand’s unique offerings and ethos, ultimately enhancing the company’s digital footprint.