Polychannel, a key player in providing comprehensive drainage solutions for various sectors including pedestrian areas, driveways, and industrial settings, realised the necessity of a robust online platform. The objective was not just to showcase their extensive product range but also to ensure an engaging and seamless customer experience. They therefore, needed a new ecommerce website solution along with a digital marketing campaign that would drive results, and generate profitable website sales.


There were 3 main challenges we were tasked with: 1. E-commerce Website Development: Developing an intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and technically robust website, tailored to the drainage solutions sector. 2. Digital Marketing Strategy: Crafting and implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy, encompassing SEO, content marketing, and precisely targeted Google AdWords campaigns. 3. Sales Conversion Optimisation: Utilising advanced AI tools to refine the customer journey, ensuring maximum conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Polychannel Drainage Solutions

Welcome to Polychannel Drainage Solutions

Web Design & Development

Sector-specific Design: Our website was meticulously crafted, focusing on the specific needs and preferences of the drainage solutions sector, ensuring ease of navigation and product discovery.

Brand Resonance & Visual Engagement: The aesthetic of our website is aligned with Polychannel’s brand ethos, with a focus on visual appeal and professional presentation.

Enhanced E-commerce Features: We have integrated advanced features, ensuring a secure, efficient, and user-friendly shopping experience, reflective of Polychannel’s commitment to quality and customer service.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Targeted SEO & Content Marketing: We employ a strategic SEO approach, focusing on industry-specific keywords and informative content to enhance organic reach and establish industry authority.

Precision-Driven Google AdWords Campaigns: Our AI-enhanced AdWords campaigns target the precise demographic, maximizing engagement and ROI.

In-depth Performance Analytics: We continuously analyze user behavior and campaign performance, ensuring that real-time adjustments are made, driving constant improvement and optimization.

Sales Conversion Optimization

Detailed Customer Journey Analysis: Utilizing AI tools, we dissect the customer journey, identifying and addressing any potential pain points.

Iterative A/B Testing: We consistently test and refine various elements of our website, ensuring an optimized user experience and maximized conversion rates.

Proactive Feedback Integration: We actively seek and incorporate customer feedback, ensuring that our website and marketing strategies remain aligned with user expectations and the latest industry trends.


Heres the result we achieved:

  1. Elevated User Experience: The new website saw a marked improvement in user engagement metrics, including reduced bounce rates and increased session durations.
  2. Enhanced Online Visibility: Strategic marketing efforts led to a significant increase in website traffic and a stronger online presence in the drainage solutions market.
  3. Substantial Sales Growth: The most impactful result was the notable increase in sales conversions, a testament to the effective website design and targeted marketing strategies.


By aligning cutting-edge web design with strategic digital marketing, Think Mad significantly grew Polychannel’s online presence, culminating in significant business growth and an unparalleled customer experience.  Not only did we create a market leading website, we took the business from zero to £1 million pound turnover in lest than 24 months.

This case study underscores the potential of tailored digital initiatives in specialised industry sectors, paving the way for future innovations and sustained success in the digital landscape.