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How we knew we had delighted our clients with our work….

Ged, the MD not only told us he was delighted with the website, he has not commisioned us to build an ecommerce website for the business called www.polychannel.co.uk

In just 2 months we have helped generate £20,000 worth of addtional new business sales


  • Secure Hosting

  • Website Design

  • Business Marketing

  • Business Strategy

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Adwords

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The Background – Why did Polychannel need help from a specialist Agency like Think Mad?

Polychannel are a national drainage specialist who provide drainage solutions for both domestic, commercial and industrial use. Some of their notable clients include the likes of Mersey Gateway, Stansted Airport & DHL Logistics.

Following feedback from their clients, they needed a website were they could sell products online and speed up the process of buying for their customers. This is were Think Mad come into the picture…

Included in their package

What did the client need us to do?

For this next phase in the business, Ged needed to find a web design agency that didnt just simply build a website based on what he wanted.   He needed a company who could look at his business, and the sector itself, and give him full confidence that they understood the needs of his business.  He didn’t want just another new website that looked amazing on the eye.  He wanted a website that actually worked from the perspective of the buying customer.  A website that clients could use as a source of reference that answered the key questions of…

What channel drainage option do I need? What Do I need to spend? How can I keep costs to the right budget?

Of course, as well as this, he did want it to look great aswell!  And thats were our media and digital experience comes in.     Having spoken to a number of web design agencies who showed their full range of designs, none of them gave Ged the confidence that they would be able to deliver on all the brief.   So when we came along offering to not just design a new website, but actually come and work at his office with his team on the project, he was instantly impressed.

Our simple straight forward objectives were

  • We will come and work with your team each week at your office so that we can immerse ourselves in your business and fully understand what you do and why you do it that way
  • Agile Approach – We all agree what you need on a day to day, week to week basis and implement it on the new site.  (this prevents any costly shocks at the end of the project)
  • We teach your staff how to upload content, images, case studies during the build phase of the website (always the best way to save money after the website is finished because any futher chances and addtions can be done in house preventing further devopment fees or training costs)
  • We deliver an amazing looking website that actually meets the needs of your customer which helps them research your prodcusts and how they are applied in the real world.


The Outcome – What the the finished solution look like?

The end result was a modern professional Ecommerce website that ticked all the boxes from a customer perspective. Take a look at their website at www.polychannel.co.uk

In addition to the new website, we set up his Google Adwords marketing campaign and have generated over £20,000 of sales after just 2 months of going live from an advertising budget of just £1,000. This was due to the expert way we set up his targeted campaign so his adverts only appeared for those poeople specifically interested in the products sold on the website.


What happened next? How we knew we had delighted our clients with our work. Ged, the MD not only told us he was delighted with the website, he has now increased his marketing budget and asked us to work his SEO projects and build another ecommerce website for a seperate part of the business.