Pay Per Click

PPC:  Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Guaratee increased Engagement,visibility & clicks

Pay Per Click (PPC)

“I don’t know how to perform a proper Google ads campaign…”

Getting your business seen online by your ideal customers often proves to be a never ending journey for most people.  We here all the time that a business has spent either good money or time creating their website and social media channels. The problem is that whatever they seem to do, they just don’t seem to be getting engaging visitors, followers or fans communicating or buying their products or services.  That’s were having the right knowledge and tools are the way forward. With certified Google partners on our team and over 10 years experience in Pay Per Click, Think Mad can deliver the clicks, likes, follows and shares that you need.

We can tailor your ads campaign to suit your budget.

Guaranteed visitors to your website

Google Adwords (PPC)

If we said we could deliver to your website your ideal customer searching for your exact product or service at the exact time and location when they are looking for a business like you would you consider paying for this service.?  Of course you would.

What if we said that you don’t have to pay  if you didn’t get any clicks to your website for your targeted key words.?  Well this is something we can definately promise to you.

Dont take our word from it, Listen to what one of our recent clients had to say…

In the first 4 months of running a Google adwords campaign with Think Mad we have generated over £25,000 worth of profitable sales from our new website I have been absolutely blown away with how successful this has been for us.  We have a budget of £800 a month and with the success we are having we are looking to double this next month.

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Verified Review –  All our reviewing clients have agreed to take calls from anyone who wishes check that what we say actually happened.

Considerations for your PPC Campaign

Google Adwords Management

The Complexities of AdWords

Google ad campaigns can be quite complex so it is advisable and advantageous to have a professional run your campaign. Google rewards successful campaigns with a cheaper cost per click, with some people paying more than 4 times the cost for the same keyword. So it is best to engage a professional with a thorough understanding of the platform to maximise your ROI, otherwise you might be spending large sums of money on ads which have little or no effect on your business. 

Adwords considerations:

  • Set a budget
  • Thoroughly research relevant keywords for opportunities
  • Calculate your estimated cost per click
  • Research your competitors keywords
  • Define your unique selling proposition and a great offer
  • Write a compelling ad
  • Create a dedicated landing page that converts
  • Test and review

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