We are Hiring

We love talent spotting.  Let us know you are looking for us!

Think Media & Digital

Are you dedicated, hardworking, and want a career with a boss that believes work can be fun? Join Us!

We believe that coming to work doesn’t have to be stressfull. Its simple…just do something you love

If you are creative and passsionate about social media, having fun then we really do want to hear from you. Come in and tell us what you want to do for us.

We will tell you about what we do, how we like to go for drinks, finish early every day (not just a Friday) and work from home when we can.

Enyoy what you do

We Offer Amazing Perks

Ask us about our belief in the 6 hour working day. If you get your work done we will still pay for 8. Or work 4 days and get paid for 5. Be amazing and we really will reward you!

6 Hour days

If you believe that you can get all your work done working 6 hours then we will 
pay you for 8. Simple really!


If the work is getting done and you are on track, in addtion to your 28 days leave, take more when you need.

Parents Benefits

Got little ones? No problem.  If you need to work from home or take a day off, just let us know and we will sort it!

4 day week

If you believe that you can get all your work done working 4 days a week then we will pay you for 5!

Cyle to Work

If you want to cycle to work we will buy you a bike.  Just ask us about of Love our Planet Scheme

Walk / Jog to work

Our Love our Planet scheme will provide you with a new pair of trainers to get you to work on time!

Stay at home Day

When the occasion allows, we are always happy for our staff to work from home...We trust you!

Join a Local Gym

Are you looking to get fit?  Why not let us pay for your gym membership.  Sign up ot our local gym partners

Local Sports Clubs

We love support the community. let us know how we can support a local club of your choice.

What to know...

What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

Phone Interview

This is your chance to tell us why you want to join us and what you will bring to the role

First interview

Bringt lots of evidence highlighting why it would be right for us to hire you

Technical Test

We will give you real life scenarios to work on and demonstrate how good you are


If we are happy with your evidence and your technical demonstration ,your hired! 

Where We Work


If you are in the area, why not catch up with one of our team. Always open for a brew, beer or a bottle of wine!


Widnes, Warrington, Runcorn, Chester and more…


London City, including the North, South, East, and West.


Liverpool, St Helens, and Greater Manchester